Therapeutic Massage

Each massage treatment is tailored to fit each individuals specific needs to help achieve their desired results. Whether it be relaxation, stress relief or relief from pain or specific injury.

  • 30 minute- $35
  • 45 minute- $50
  • 60 minute- $70
  • 90 minute-$100

Ashiatsu Massage

Benefits of Ashiatsu
– The surface area of the foot is much greater than the hands, elbows, or forearms meaning the therapist can cover more area.
– You get the same deep work as traditional massage without the deep pain. Pressure is spread through the entire surface area of the foot, you can receive a deeper more muscle relaxing massage with much less or no pain, allowing you to remain relaxed during the deep pressure massage, which leads to longer lasting results than traditional massage.
– Long, consistent compression releases adhesions, trigger points and chronic holding patterns, and encourages your body’s natural healing potential.
– Deep pressure is more easily maintained for longer periods of time, which leads to better results for those who need/want deep pressure.

  • 30 minute- $40
  • 45 minute- $55
  • 60 minute- $75


A session lasts 20-40 minutes

  • $25



Cupping can be added to any massage at no extra cost.

  • 30 minute area specific treatment- $35

Aromatherapy Massage

This treatment is less about deep tissue work and more focused on relaxation and sensory stimulation using a soothing touch. You choose the scent that fits your needs.

  • 30 minute- $35
  • 45 minute- $50
  • 60 minute- $70
  • 90 minute-$100

Foot exfoliation

Ahh your feet! This treatment starts with hot towels, using gentle stretching and compression followed by an exfoliating foot scrub and finished up with a foot massage with aromatherapy.  Please note this is NOT a reflexology treatment

  • This treatment is approximately 40 mins -$45          
  • As an add on to any massage treatment- $15